How it works


Dance Heads uses a proprietary technology with a Chroma-key system that superimposes the heads of the participant’s onto the body of professional dancers in a live music video. When the music starts, the participants sing along and bob their heads to the beat. The image is projected onto monitors which all your guest can see, enjoy, laugh, or sing along as their friends, family, or coworkers become the stars of their own music video.

The performance is captured digitally and depending on the delivery system you have contracted for; you receive your own personal DVD or with our NEW technology we can email your performance directly to you.

The Dimension: We require a 10 x15 area but adjustments can be made to fit almost anywhere. We are properly licensed and insured.

Dance Heads creates a lasting fun impression of your event. Your quests will talk about it to all their friends, family, and coworkers. Create memories for a lifetime with Dance Heads Where You Can Be A Star… No Talent Required.