How much space does Dance Heads require?

Dance Heads is approximately 10’ Wide X 15’ Deep and will need some additional space for crowds to gather. (Can be slightly adjusted smaller if need be) Email system slightly smaller.


Are special electrical outlets needed?
No, Dance Heads will run off an average 20-amp circuit.


Can Dance Heads be set up outside?

Yes, but we will need a completely shaded area or a 10 X 20 tent. Email system has different requirement’s (please inquire)


How many people can take part in an hour?

Dance Heads can accommodate approximately 30 to 50 individuals per hour or 10 to 17 groups. Email system can accommodate slightly more


How many people can Dance Heads accommodate per song?
1-3 people per song


Do you offer big screen projection or large plasma screens?
Yes, all Dance Heads units can be connected to a big screen projector or plasma for an additional charge adding to the crowds viewing pleasure. Email system has this option (please inquire)


With a large event, how many Dance Heads Unit will be needed?
One unit can handle approximately 200 to 300 guests in a four-hour time period. Multiple Units are available for large events and longer time periods.