jodyAbout Us

Jody Feinroth, is CEO, and President of Dance Heads Florida South, LLC. Dance Heads is a fun interactive Technology based form of entertainment that takes participants heads and superimposes them onto dancer’s bodies while you sing along with a selected song. This great party idea was developed by Jody in 2006 when the technology was featured at Universal Orlando. He has been developing and expanding the business ever since and it is now offered in all 50 states and 16 countries worldwide.

Jody is also a principal partner in Dance Heads Recording, LLC which is a coin-operated Dance Heads Booth distributed worldwide. Jody is a lifelong entrepreneur emanating from Brooklyn and talks about his entrepreneurial path through hair salons and Tex Mex Restaurants before landing into the Dance Heads business. Dance Heads is a great idea for your next party or event. Learn more at  You can reach Jody at 941-544-5753 or for more information!